Throw back on the Opals FIBA ​​Women World Cup Campaign

FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup 2018

Australian women’s head coach Sandy Brondello reflected on her team’s FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup 2018 campaign, which earned them a silver medal against the US.

Although the Opals missed the gold medal in their 56: 73 defeat by the United States in the final, Phoenix Mercury’s current head coach in the WNBA was still proud of their team’s performance.

“We are very proud of our efforts, it is not easy to win a medal in a big tournament, and I hope everyone sees that this team has such great chemistry on and off the ground, I think that has helped us play good basketball

The Results

The Opals dominated their way into the playoffs with an impressive run in the group stage with wins over Nigeria (86-68), Argentina (84-43), Turkey (90-64) and also China (83-42) and hosts Spain 72-66 in the quarter-final and semi-final round in this order.

We did not spend a lot of time together, but it all came together so quickly that it’s a testament to the players, they really shopped into what the coaching staff preached, and tried that To be the best team we can be, “said Brondello, who won the silver medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics with the Opals.

Brondello emphasized that the current team is still young and has the potential to become stronger for future events.

“We have a young team and we have a lot of experience here, and we’ve had some injuries as well, so all we have to do now is develop our players to be stronger and better in all aspects of their game when we play against teams like the USA and want to win, “she said.

“Right now we just want to focus as a nation to make ourselves better and that will make us a better team to move forward”


The native Queenslander also shared how grateful they are from the support they have received from their fans.

“We got a lot of news online and Basketball Australia has done a great job in promoting and supporting social media,” Brondello said.

“Everyone in Australia supports us and it’s great that even former players like Lauren (Jackson) praise our efforts, we love them and appreciate all the support we get,” she concluded.